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Where Personalized Experiences Meet Predictive Insights

Customer management is an indispensable tool for wineries looking to cultivate lasting relationships with their club members and drive sustainable growth. With vino's advanced solutions, wineries can harness the power of CRM to deliver personalized experiences, optimize marketing efforts, and stay ahead of the competition.

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Abigail White

Club: Silver
LTV: $1,400.00
Notes: Cabs only

Utilize customer data to make informed decisions

Know Your Customers

Understand your customers' preferences, behavior, and purchasing patterns. With vino's analytics tools, you can leverage this data to inform strategic decisions, optimize marketing campaigns, and develop targeted offerings that resonate with your audience. By harnessing the power of data-driven insights, you can unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Full Contact Info

Save preferences for a personalized touch

Know Life Time Value (LTV)

See full order history for each customer

Orange Wine


Smiling Young Woman

Ella Hall

Girl with Curly Hair

Ava Jones

Smiling Man

Andrew Parker

Headshot Portrait

Noah Brown

Headshot Portrait

Chloe Scott

Cheerful Portrait

James Moore


Man Smelling Wine

Building strong relationships

Retain Your Customers

Wine clubs foster strong relationships between wineries and customers, leading to increased loyalty and retention rates. When customers enroll in a wine club, they commit to recurring purchases, creating a reliable customer base. Simplifying payment procedures enhances the overall membership experience, encouraging members to remain loyal and engaged with the winery over the long term.

Special Discounts

Club options promote inclusivity

Recurring billings

Allow customers to customize their shipments

Drinks in the Garden

Select Club Option

3 Bottle Club

200 Members

6 Bottle Club

175 Members

12 Bottle Club

150 Members

Enhance member engagement & community building

Reach Your Customers

With the right customer information, wineries can tailor marketing campaigns and promotions to suit the preferences of individual club members. Personalized offers enhance customer engagement and satisfaction, ultimately driving sales and brand advocacy.

Run custom promos

Access all customer contacts

Valuable customer insights

Easily send marketing campaigns

Colleagues Working in Office

Send Email Campaign

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Girl with Curly Hair
Girl with Camera

Find out if vino is right for your winery.

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